Gold Coin International

The Difference

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    Gold Coin International started its logistical operations in Thailand with a vision to become an industry leader in delivering reliable and high quality services to our customers.

   It has always been our passion to exceed our customers' expectations and constantly improve ourselves to meet their needs.

    Today we are a company operating in Thailand, Maldives, Indonesia, and in four cities of China with a team of over 100 highly trained staff, all committed to "getting it right every time". 

    In Gold Coin International we take pride getting your job done as smoothly as possible, and acting proactively on your behalf so that you will have one less step to climb to be on top of your competition; that is "The difference".

Over the past eleven years we have catered to a vast range of customers from different countries, handling their shipments according to their needs. We guarantee our customers with a reliable, honest, and responsible relationship founded on trust which we think is core to any business relationship.

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